Current students

  • Keanu Sisouk, PhD student (11/2021), co-dir. with Julien Tierny
  • Antoine Salmona, PhD student (09/2020), co-dir. with Agnès Desolneux
  • Antoine Monod, PhD student (11/2019), co-dir. with Thomas Veit (CIFRE, GoPro)
  • Rémi Laumont, PhD student (09/2019-), co-dir. with Andrés Almansa and Marcelo Pereyra

Former students (PhD, Post-Docs, Engineers)

  • Alexandre Saint-Dizier,
    PhD student (2017-2020), co-dir. with Charles Bouveyron
  • Mariano Rodriguez, Postdoctoral Researcher, Centre Borelli
    PhD  2016-2020, co-dir. with Jean-Michel Morel
  • Matias Tassano, Engineer at GoPro
    PhD 2016-2019, co-dir. with Thomas Veit (CIFRE with GoPro)
  • Antoine Houdard, Postdoctoral Researcher, IMB
    PhD 2015-2018, with Andrés Almansa
  • Daisuke Sakurai, Postdoctoral Researcher, Zuse Institute Berlin
    post-doc 2016-2017, co-dir. with Julien Tierny
  • Noura Faraj,  Associate Professor, Université de Montpellier
    research engineer 2016-2017, co-direction with Bruno Galerne
  • Alasdair Newson, Associate Professor, Télécom ParisTech
    post-doc 2015-2016, co-dir. with Bruno Galerne
  • Thierry Guillemot, Research Engineer, Morpheo
    research engineer for 6 months in 2015
  • Oriel Frigo, Research Engineer, Prophesee
    PhD 2013-2016, CIFRE with Technicolor, co-direction with Pierre Hellier and Neus Sabater
  • Edoardo Provenzi, Full Professor, IMBUniversité de Bordeaux 
    Post-doc, 2013, co-dir. with Yann Gousseau
  • Cecilia Aguerrebere, Research Scientist, Fundación Ceibal (Montevideo, Uruguay)
    PhD 2011-2014 , co-dir. with Yann Gousseau and Pablo Musé
  • Baptiste Mazin, Research Engineer, Parrot
    PhD 2010-2014 co-dir. with Yann Gousseau
  • Flora Dellinger, Research Engineer, WASSA
    PhD 2010-2014, co-dir. with Yann Gousseau and Florence Tupin
  • Gui-Song Xia, Full Professor, LIESMARS, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China
    PhD 2007-2011, co-dir. with Yann Gousseau
  • Julien Rabin, Associate Professor, GREYC, ENSICAEN
    PhD 2006-2009, co-dir. with Yann Gousseau

Former Master students (other than PhD students)

  • Anton François (2019)
  • Antoine Salmona (2019)
  • Matthew Henry (2015)
  • Agathe Viano (2015)
  • Yan Shu (2012)
  • Stéphane Kaufmann (2012)
  • Adrian Marquès (2010)